How we can change environment for the better by planting trees

change environment planting trees

How we can change environment for the better by planting trees

We at Legacy Tree are proud and happy of the number of trees we’ve been able to plant and thanks to your donations, together, we can make our environment and the world at large a better place for all of us. For those who still don’t know why and how planting trees can help improve our environment, here are some of the ways we can change environment for the better by planting trees. If you are contemplating planting a tree around your home, then I suggest you continue reading.

Planting trees all around us is unarguably one of the best things you can do for your environment and the plants too. Besides the exchange of gases amongst trees and humans and how they help complete the respiratory and carbon cycle, there are other ways planting trees can be of benefit for us all. By a long stretch, trees have economic, social and environmental benefits.

Planting trees causes a reduction in urban runoff

One of the ways planting trees can change our environment is that it helps to cause a reduction in urban runoff by storing water and disrupting the force of the rain. The reduction is also known to affect erosion. According to USDA, 100 matured trees can help reduce runoff which could be caused by rainfall by up to… wait for it…yea, over 100 000 gallons.

Planting trees reduces Climate Change

One of the things human are known for, it is the excess release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. CO2 is a big contributor to climate change, and we go all out with it. Most of our industry produces huge amounts of CO2. We do this, and the trees help absorb it (CO2) from the atmosphere.  Amazingly, they don’t just absorb our mess, they also gift us oxygen in return and thus help change environment for the better. Trees, as it is now, are our only survival tools. Did you know that just one big tree can produce enough oxygen for over four people?

Trees help purify our air and change environment

I’m sure you’ve heard of “cleaner air”, if not, chances are, you’ve felt it by the seaside or in the forest. The trees that we plant today helps to absorb toxic/pollutant gas such as ozone (O3), Nitrogen Oxides, and ammonia. Trees don’t just absorb gases though, they also help to absorb foul smells and are filters for trapping little particles. We talk about planting trees because they’ve got a lot of things to do to our environment positively.

Trees cool the earth

It is a known fact that trees provide shades in our environment to help us fight heat effect which is usually caused by buildings that stop the flow of air, and as a result, heat builds up due to this extensive concrete and surfaces that attract and trap heat. As at now, trees are known to cool cities by over 10 F by not only providing shade but also releasing water.

Trees help reduce Noise Pollution

If you live near freeways, you will relate! Well grown trees help to reduce noise pollution by 10 decibels (fair enough!).

Trust me, there are more ways trees help to change environment for the better. I guess we can only find out when we plant more trees! Start Now!

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