The First Tree Fundraising Round For Legacy Tree In Germany

Tree Fundraising for Legacy Tree

The First Tree Fundraising Round For Legacy Tree In Germany

Catching up with the Tree Fundraising event news after the emergency of corona virus preparations and lockdown start! We can finally work from home with a bit of noise from the kids who are also on quarantine. And we are excited to share the results of the very first Tree Fundraising event for Legacy Tree that took place during the meeting of YourNetClub on February 22, 2020.

YourNetClub was looking for a good cause

Andreas Fries, CTO of Legacy Tree (the first person from the right in the photo above), introduced our green initiative to 140 club members who participated in the monthly meeting of YourNetClub in Frankfurt, Germany. This networking club welcomes people at regular live and online events to network and share cutting edge information in the fields of career development, finances, tax, law, sport and health. The founder of the networking club, Rostislav Rautstein, was looking for a good cause to support. He liked the idea of planting millions of trees worldwide and gave us the opportunity to present the project.

Tree Fundraising Round

After a brief presentation that included Legacy Tree trailer and green project information, the event participants were on fire and suggested a lot of cooperation ideas. For example, a business owner of the design and printing agency volunteered to create a beautiful office design for our team, including printing materials like flyers and business cards. Another business owner who is a web developer offered his help in creating Legacy Tree website on a volunteer basis.

Finally, at the end of the networking event the Fundraising box for Legacy Tree counted €140. The money was transferred to Scotland for planting the trees at the Croft and buying the fertilizer. On average, each person contributed €1. This is what we call the power of the community: together we can plant millions of trees! Imagine how many trees can be planted worldwide if every single person on the planet inhabited by 8 billion people supports this green cause by sponsoring the fertilizer, the seeds, etc. with just €1!

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