Behind The Scene: How We Grow And Plant Trees

how we grow trees

Behind The Scene: How We Grow And Plant Trees

I’m guessing at this point, we all understand why we need to plant trees in our environment. One of the few lifelong investment men can make. In this article, we will walk you behind the scene and show you how we are growing and planting trees.

The first thing to note when planting a tree is the ideal time to plant it. We all agree that the best time to plant a tree is now! But we must take the right steps towards everything. The best time to plant a tree is during the dormant season – This is usually in the fall after the leaves on the trees drop, it can also be planted during early spring before bud break. During this period, weather conditions are always cool and they do allow plants to gain roots that have strengths and are able to hold forth in the ground. This takes place before spring rains and the summer heat which would both help to stimulate the growth of the tree. Some other trees don’t really need these considerations, examples of such trees are the bur lapped trees and the container trees. Meanwhile, in tropical and subtropical climates, anytime is the best time to plant trees. What that means is that you can plant trees anytime you want. These trees grow all year round. You just have to make sure that they have sufficient water to work with.

Some trees lose some portion of their root when dug at nursery stage. That is why trees would exhibit transplant shock, which is a state of slow growth. This would at the end reduce the nutrient and vitality of the tree after transplanting them. The container trees are no exceptions to this. Therefore tree planting is an art. To plant a healthy tree and nurture it during the most critical period, you simply need to know all these things.  

How We Grow And Plant Trees:

At the Legacy Tree, we gather Prosopis tree seeds(which are endangered species), hand select the best ones among them and

–    Soak them in water for a while.

–    Wait for the root to appear.

–    We then plant into small pots.

–    Replant into a bigger pot.

–    When a tree reaches 1 meter, you will have to replant again into bigger pots.

–    You will then need to water the young trees for an extra year.

Did you know that we at Legacy Tree have planted almost 10000 trees in Elqui Valley with our volunteers? It is our goal to plant over 1 million trees in 20 years. That is why we are hoping that you’d love to become a tree sponsor. In the end, we all have to leave a tree legacy for our generations unborn.

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