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The biggest legacy we can leave to the next generations is a clean and green planet and sustainable society. Plant your Legacy Tree! 

Your Legacy Tree will be planted in Scotland on the shores of Loch Eriboll under the supervision of Johnny Dale. Downy birch, Rowan, Juniper, Pine and Oak trees love growing here.

Join us on a mission to plant millions of trees worldwide!

scots pine
croft in summer planting trees in Scotland


What happens to my Legacy Tree next year?

Your Legacy Tree will continue growing where it was planted. Usually a tree planted from the seed needs at least 3 years of care so that it develops long enough roots and grows on its own. We’ll appreciate your sponsoring a tree for the full cycle of 3 years. Additionally, we will be raising funds for the trees to make sure that they are cared for during this crucial period.

Can I select the tree species that will be planted?

We are working on creating an ERP system that will allow selecting a particular tree species you want to sponsor by a mouse click. While these tools are being developed, currently one of the tree species planted in this tree planting site will be grown from the seed for you and the planet.

Will you send me something like a tree card or tree certificate?

We offer digital tree cards that go with the tree on the selected holidays of the year like Women’s Day, Fathers’ Day, Christmas, etc. Currently we are developing an IT system that will allow issuing tree certificates as well as tracking your tree on Google maps from the Legacy Tree Members Area.

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