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Give this tree to the very important woman in your life to celebrate her greatness on this special day! Gifting a Legacy Tree on Women’s Day is a perfect way to make her happy and our planet greener. Johnny Dale will plant this tree from the seed in March and will take care of it for one year.

Women's Day Sample Card 2020

After sponsoring a tree you will be directed to a thank you page where you can download a nice digital post card showing how this tree will look like in one year. This post card can be sent to your special woman by email as it is or you can print it out and sign.   

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What happens to my Legacy Tree next year?

Your Legacy Tree will continue growing where it was planted. Usually a tree planted from the seed needs at least 3 years of care so that it develops long enough roots and grows on its own. We’ll appreciate your sponsoring a tree for the full cycle of 3 years. Additionally, we will be raising funds for the trees to make sure that they are cared for during this crucial period.

Could you please personalize my tree card?

Currently you can personalize this tree card in the following way:

  • Print it out and sign (less environmentally friendly)
  • Send a personal email and attach this digital card to it (the best option)

We are working on creating an IT system which will allow easy tree card personalization in the future.

Can I select the tree species that will be planted?

We are working on creating an ERP system that will allow selecting a particular tree species you want to sponsor by a mouse click. While these tools are being developed, currently one of the tree species planted in this tree planting site will be grown from the seed for you and the planet.

I didn't see the link to download my digital tree card. Could you please send it to me by email?

Sure! Just send us an email with this request forwarding your PayPal receipt for sponsoring a tree. We’ll send you the digital tree card within 48 hours.

Legacy Tree Mission Worldwide


The biggest legacy we can leave to the next generations is a clean and green planet and sustainable society. Plant your Legacy Tree! 

Your Legacy Tree will be planted in Scotland on the shores of Loch Eriboll under the supervision of Johnny Dale. Downy birch, Juniper, Pine and Oak trees love growing here.

scots pine
croft in summer planting trees in Scotland

Join us on a mission to plant millions of trees worldwide!

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Secure Payment Powered by PayPal – 100% Protected & Safe

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