4 Important Reasons Why You Need To Plant A Tree Today!

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4 Important Reasons Why You Need To Plant A Tree Today!

It’s no longer a breaking news why we need to plant trees and the bountiful blessings that come with planting a tree and how it’s now important to plant more of it. Celebrating tree planting isn’t just about the April 22s and April 28s of this world. It’s way deeper than that. We need to celebrate and still remind ourselves every day of how life-saving planting a tree can be. In this article, we will be sharing with you 4 reasons why we need to plant trees.

1. We no longer have forests anymore.

Did you know that 80% of our forests have been wiped off? Since the 1900s, the majority of the forests we have globally have been destroyed. What we fail to realize is that forests aren’t just meant to be a habitat for wildlife. The trees present in these forests help maintain that life cycle that keeps even we humans alive.

At this current rate of destroying trees, research has shown that about 28, 000 species will go extinct over the next decades (2 decades to be precise). Is this what we really want?

2. We are alive today thanks to Trees.

Scientists have discovered that trees are responsible for half of the total volume of oxygen we have on earth. The other half comes from the oceans that are around us, and even if its clear that we are also causing the same damage to the oceans too, that would be a discussion for another day.

The world population is increasing at an incredible rate, so is the fall in population of phytoplankton, algae, and plankton too. You don’t know what these are? Well, they are ocean-based plants that produce oxygen through the process of photosynthesis – just like our trees.

3. Trees help fight global warming.

If there is one fact that we all can’t dispute, it is that trees help us combat global warming. The reduction in the number of trees that we have means the rate at which they (trees) are helping to absorb carbon dioxide from the air have reduced. Now the weather instability has given rise to many alternatives of solving our temporal need such as people now relying on the use of Air conditioners and burning coal for both cold and heat. Now the result of all of these is the release of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

Did you also know that 1 tree removes 48 pounds of carbon per year? Now tell me why you won’t plant a tree.

4. They help stop erosion.

Erosion won’t exist or at least be reduced to its lowest if there are things to help hold the soil in place. What would help us achieve this if not tree planting? People living on highlands or close to a water body will have a problem dealing with this challenging natural phenomenon. The best way to handle this is by planting a tree today.

You know the beautiful part about planting a tree? One tree can make a forest when you plant yours and I plant mine. Let us leave a true legacy for our coming generations. It all begins with one! Start today!

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