Climate Change: Can Planting Trees Save Our Planet?

climate change

Climate Change: Can Planting Trees Save Our Planet?

Climate change is the biggest challenge and issue of our planet, and the reason behind climate change is the negative effects of carbon dioxide or other chemicals. Trees not only capture carbon dioxide (CO2) but also fight against the hard impacts of climate change. When societies are planting trees, they can help to decrease the effects of climate change around the world.

There are almost 3 trillion trees on the Earth, as per a 2015 report led by specialists from Yale University. While that is a great deal, the figure has decreased by about a half since the beginning of the present-day human progress. Moreover, we keep on losing 10 billion trees every year.

A recent report from the Swiss Institute suggested that planting 1 trillion trees would drastically decrease the quantity of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air and help stop global climate change.


So can Planting Trees Save Our Planet?


planting trees_climate changeYes, it’s true. Trees have many incredible characteristics; trees release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Planting a lot of trees absorbs a significant amount of CO2 or chemicals from the atmosphere. The big reason behind the climate change is Industrial human activities, which increase day by day. For example, burning of greenhouse gases, release of harmful elements and chemicals into the atmosphere.

As we know, climate change is a complex and big issue. We can’t resolve it on the individual level – we need to act together, in synergy. It makes no sense for one individual to plant a tree that will be chopped down by another individual, it’s just counterproductive. Climate change for the better is possible with oxygen production facts, especially when people stopped severe pollution processes and cutting down trees. So it’s possible with the help of avoiding burning the greenhouse gases, trash, chemicals, and other materials.

Different researchers also think the best answer for stopping environmental change is keeping fossil carbon such as coal, natural gas, oil, and old-development forests in the earth in any situation. But do you think that is enough?

Obviously, that is not enough because we can’t do this without the help of trees. Approximations are that around 15% of emissions derive from deforestation. In addition, trees absorb other dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide, again discharging oxygen into the atmosphere.

Tree planting is one of the simplest solutions, also cheaper and more effective than any other solution.


Climate change can stop with the help of planting trees. But how many trees should we plant? 


how many trees should we plantWe need to plant more than 3 billion trees to stop climate change and save the planet. The existing countries with the highest land for constructing the forest are Canada, China, Russia, and Brazil. The researchers of Switzerland assume that 10 years would reverse the damaging emission by adding up 1.2 trillion trees. The 200 billion tones of carbon can be absorbed through planting new trees from the atmosphere.

This vast region indicates a huge potential to plant trees that can bring climate change to stop. Prof Crowther was shocked by seeing the result of how planting trees can fight against global warming.

One of the goals of the study is that global warming can be limited up to 1.5’C when we increase the forest area by about 1 billion. So it must be clarified how many trees exist and how many still need to be planted.


Can Climate change be fixed with trees?


climate change fixedScientists have the opinion that there is not only one solution for stopping climate change. A lot of industrial optimizations should be made, and the awareness of people about the climate change issue should be raised.

Planting trees is the main strategy in which all the world can participate. The other benefits include planting tree species that can improve and re-establish habitats for birds or animals. In addition, the governments all around the globe need to take action against cutting down of trees. If we can’t stop deforestation now, we will have to pay the cost in the nearest future with a negative climate change. By planting a tree today, we will see more benefits in the coming years.

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