How You Can Avoid Deforestation And Make Our Planet Greener

make planet greener

How You Can Avoid Deforestation And Make Our Planet Greener

Have you ever noticed how your mood changes when you are walking in a forest or a city park? The fresh green of trees is so refreshing for the eyes and so uplifting for the mood! And while enjoying nature, we rarely think about the challenges our planet is facing: deforestation, climate change and more arid places emerging every day. It wasn’t like this 20, 50 and 100 years ago, however it is obvious that our advancement in many fields such as technology is leaving a bad effect on the planet.

The question on everyone’s lips now is how can we go back and make the earth what it used to be in the past? Well, we surely can’t go back, but there are things we all can definitely do to make our planet greener.

Tree planting

First on my list would definitely be tree planting. It will help to compensate for deforestation. You can help with this campaign by planting a tree of your own and spreading the word about tree planting or even sponsoring one yourself so that others can plant the tree for you. For example, in the Legacy Tree Member area you can become a tree sponsor and give someone tree sponsorship as a gift. In addition to making our planet green, this gift will make your loved ones happy. It is just perfect in the holiday season, for someone’s birthday or to welcome a baby to the planet Earth. Finally, you can share tree sponsorship with other community members.

Start on a clean slate

Waking up every day and thinking about ways to help the Earth become a better place for all of us starts with the little things that you do at home. Start by installing a low – flow shower head in your bathroom and more importantly, reduce the number of minutes you spend taking a shower/bathing. Turning off water from the taps in the sinks can help reduce the volume of water that we use in our home. The point here is to reduce the volume of water that you use.

Going green with our transport system

One of the things to consider when trying to contribute to this course is how am I adding to the growing danger? One way we all adding to the impending danger subconsciously is through our transport system. Our cars are consuming a lot of energy. A good choice would be the electric cars. Apart from the fact that these cars are becoming popular through the market, they don’t release emissions.

Save up energy at home

Sometimes we tend to use more lights than we need. Why do we need to use Air-conditioning units during the day when we can open up our curtains and turn off all the lights too? We won’t be needing some of our electrical appliances so why turn them on when we all will be sleeping?

Pick up your trash

Learn to pick up your own trash or work collectively with other members of your community to pick up the trash. When we clean up public area, we are directly helping our neighborhood and the environment at large.

Make your waste usable again

There are lots of things we could make from trash and wastes that surround us. We’ve heard of people who use plastic bottles to build houses! You can also sort out trash into various categories, just like the people in Germany are doing it. When sorted, trash can be processed and partially recycled and then reused. Plastic goes to plastic, paper to paper, food rests to food rests for making compost. Composting is a great way to reduce food waste from our kitchen.

Plant a tree today and the Earth will bless us more with her gift (of nature). We will be helping ourselves when we make the Earth greener.

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