Why Sponsor Legacy Trees? Interview with Rostislav Rautstein (Russian)

Why Sponsor Legacy Trees? Interview with Rostislav Rautstein (Russian)

Rostislav Rautstein, founder of Your Net Club, is sharing the big WHY he is sponsoring Legacy Trees. Despite corona crisis, he is one of the active business sponsors and found a way how to plant trees. No matter what.

Dedicated to sponsoring Legacy Trees

Rostislav is dedicated to sponsoring Legacy Trees because he loves nature and understands our dependence on it. If all the green disappears, there will be no home for many species of animals and of course humans. He thinks that even though environmental projects like tree planting do not generate profit, we should think about our future. We should contribute to the health of the planet today. 

When corona virus lockdown started in Germany

When corona virus lockdown started in Germany, Your Net Club had to stop their meetings and everyone stayed on quarantine. Rostislav found another way of business operations: he moved into online mode. During his webinars the people were able to connect and contribute to a good cuase – planting Legacy Trees. 

By the way, even though Johnny couldn’t travel to the Croft during lockdown in Scotland, his thoughtful neighbor was taking care of the trees. In addition, Johnny planted trees in the pots at home so that he can transplant them later on at the Croft. 

To conclude, if there is a will, there is always a way. We are happy that people are sponsoring and planting Legacy Trees! 

Ростислав Раутштайн, создатель клуба полезных контактов Your Net Club, делится с нами самым сокровенным: почему он спонсирует посадку деревьев Legacy Tree. Даже в самые непростые времена корона кризиса Ростислав продолжил помогать нашей планете.


Together we can plant millions of trees! Imagine how many trees can be planted worldwide if every single person on the planet inhabited by 8 billion people supports this green cause by sponsoring the fertilizer, the seeds, etc. with just €1!

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