How Planting Trees Helps Preserve Animal and Bird Species

planting trees preserve animal bird species

How Planting Trees Helps Preserve Animal and Bird Species

Trees are a vital part of the environment on our blue-green planet. Did you know that not only people but also a vast majority of animals and birds need trees? Everything is deeply interconnected! Trees help animals and birds to survive as they provide them with food and shelter. Some trees can be seen as a home to many birds and animals. The branches of the trees provide a place for them to rest or nest while they are in the forest. The leaves also serve as an excellent food source for some animals that live in forests.


Womens Day SpecialTrees are also important in the ecosystem because they help clean the air of carbon dioxide and contribute to the water cycle. All living species on our planet need water! Trees help humans survive as well by providing oxygen and water. In addition, humans use trees as sources of fuel, building materials, medicine, and a place to live in some cases – speak of a tree house!


Which creatures are using trees as their home?


Trees are the most common plant type, and they provide a variety of benefits to the environment and all living beings. Many animals also use them as their home. Some animals take shelter in trees, while others use them for food, water, or protection. For example, koalas, sloths, pandas, orangutans, lemurs, and many more love tree-top living.ย 


Some animals also use trees as their home because they like the company of other trees or they want to be around some natural shade. We shouldn’t forget about the fact that the trees cool down the area by a few degrees Celsius in the cities. Just imagine how hot it would be if there were no Amazon rainforests! Thus it’s no wonder that animals love using trees for building their nests and homes.


Everything is interdependent


Trees depend on wildlife to disperse their seeds. In turn, wildlife depends on trees for food and shelter. Trees provide food and shelter to animals that disperse their seeds, and in return, the trees receive much needed nutrients from the animals. This symbiotic relationship has allowed for a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals to thrive over time. The future of this symbiotic relationship is unclear because humans are destroying habitats at an alarming rate due to deforestation and climate change…

More than 300 different ecosystems rely on trees for their survival. These ecosystems are home to many different species of animals, plants, and insects. Trees provide oxygen for these ecosystems and make them more resilient to climate change. They also serve as a source of food for some animals and provide shelter for other organisms.

The forest is a part of our natural world that we should never forget about. The ecosystem of trees is an important part of our planet’s health.


How can we preserve wildlife?


We often see animals in natural settings, but these are few and far between. This is because we have destroyed so many habitats in the past that animals now need to be reintroduced into their natural habitats.

Wildlife is a huge part of the world, and it is important to preserve them in order to keep them around for generations to come. We need to take action now before they become extinct. There are many ways to help wildlife, but the most important thing is stopping deforestation and poaching.


Benefits of Planting Trees For Birds and Animals


Trees provide a variety of benefits for birds and animals. They are crucial for the survival of these animals because they provide them with food, shelter, and a place to raise their young. Planting trees is a great way to help these animals as well as the ecosystem. It also helps humans by providing them with shade, oxygen, and beauty.

Planting trees can be a great way to provide a habitat for birds and animals. There are many benefits of planting trees, such as:

  • Providing a healthy habitat for birds and animals
  • Reducing the risk of flooding by absorbing water and preventing erosion
  • Increasing the biodiversity of a region
  • Providing shade that helps to reduce temperatures in certain areas
  • Promoting natural habitats

Legacy Tree is planting trees since 2018 so that we can preserve animal and bird species and partially compensate for the huge carbon footprint of mankind. Unfortunately the effects of climate change caused by human way of life are so enormous that our planet and the whole life on it is in danger. What else can we do?

In 2020 we launched Legacy Tree Sustainable Society Portal on a mission to unite people to create sustainable society and make our planet greener and cleaner. We should plant trees and participate in sustainability projects to save our planet by reducing our carbon footprint in everyday life!



To conclude, trees provide food, shelter, and protection forย  many species that live in the forest. Trees also help in the reproduction of animals and birds by providing them with food and refuge from predators. Every single tree you plant helps sustain wildlife! Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem.

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