Why Should Your Company Plant A Company Legacy Tree?

Sponsor a Company Legacy Tree

Why Should Your Company Plant A Company Legacy Tree?

Global warming and many other environmental mishaps have been linked to the activities of one single species:  humans! Our activities are the major source of pollution on the planet. They have caused deforestation and introduced pollution. These are just a few reasons to plant a Company Legacy Tree. Let’s look into more detail at what is happening. 

The biggest polluters of the environment

The human activity with the most environmental impact is industrial. Industries are known to be the biggest polluters of our environment due to their various activities and waste management practices.

Many industries give off toxic gasses that pollute the environment, some dump their waste into the oceans, others cut down trees for raw materials or to free up land for their buildings. The consequences of all these activities are: fewer trees to clean the air we breathe, and more pollutants in our environment. This is a combined recipe for disaster. Each consequence on its own can severely damage our environment and endanger us all. But a combination of both increases the threat substantially.

More companies would like to become eco-friendly

It is obvious that something must be done to change this narrative. This is why more and more companies are trying to become more eco-friendly. Companies are exploring greener, cleaner options in order to reduce or reverse the damage they have done.

Eco-friendly companies tend to attract a like-minded clientele. People who are concerned about the state of our environment will only want to partner with companies that share the same mind-set.

Your company too can show their support for the environment by partnering with us at Legacy Tree.

We accept both individual private donations as well as support from companies. Our mission is to plant millions of trees worldwide and we need all the support we can get. Make your company a part of our greener earth campaign today and your company will become an active agent of positive environmental activities.

What your company stands to gain by planting a Company Legacy Tree

When your company sponsors a Company Legacy Tree, it would be sending a positive message to the general public. Your company will be identified as one that is not only concerned about the environment but also is actively trying to make a difference by being a part of the solution. Thus your company will become a “green” company that supports eco-friendly activities by planting a Company Legacy Tree.

Furthermore, your company label will be attached to your Company Legacy Tree when it is planted. We will also get in touch with your company for an interview session in order to write a blog article about your company, which will then be posted on our website. In addition, your company logo will also be listed on the Legacy Tree partner page with a link to your business page, generating more visitors for your business page.

Partnering with us at Legacy Tree sets you apart from other companies as a company that values the environment. As a result, you will attract more customers that share your values. This singular act continues to manifest in more than one place. So sponsor one Company Legacy Tree or many, after all, you can’t have too many trees in the world.

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