The Strength Of Community: Let’s Make Our Planet Green Again

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The Strength Of Community: Let’s Make Our Planet Green Again

It is true that a person can achieve quite a lot on his or her own, imagine what a community working together can achieve! If we work together, we can make this planet a paradise four ourselves and future generations. Here’s how we can make this happen:

Thankfully, the deteriorating state of our environment is now common knowledge. This is good because the first step to solving a problem is the knowledge of the problem itself. You cannot solve a challenge that you are oblivious of.

Now that we know what our technological advancements and industrial activities have done to our environment, we can look for solutions to the impending problems we are facing and are about to face.

There are quite a few solutions to the present predicament of our planet, like more conservational practices, eco- friendly alternatives and recycling. These are all good options, but, they only manage the situation. The lasting solution would be to make the planet green again. And this is possible by planting trees, lots and lots of trees.

Strength of numbers

If one person plants one tree, on average, that tree would produce enough oxygen for two people. That doesn’t sound like much, two people out of the 7.2 billion people living on this planet are way less than negligible. But if that same person plants a hundred trees, there would be enough oxygen for 200 people. Quite simply, although two hundred people are considerably more than two people, compared to the global population, it is still next to nothing.

But here is where the strength of numbers will play a part. If one million people were to plant a hundred trees each, then that totally changes the story, doesn’t it? In fact, by the time they leave this planet, the global environment they would be leaving behind would be much better than the one they were born into.

Here is how you can contribute to making our planet green

Did you know that you can give the perfect gift to your loved ones no matter the season, the place and the time? It only takes a few minutes, and a minimal budget, but the value is immeasurable. Whatever gift you intend to give, be it a thank you letter, a birthday card, you can gift to your loved ones a Shared Tree Sponsorship and send them the gift certificate by mail or email. This tree sponsorship model allows up to 10 people to contribute to sponsoring a seedling growing into a strong tree for 3 years! The seedling gets personal care in the greenhouse for 1 year, and then it is planted in one of the Legacy Tree planting sites where it is watered and cared for another 2 years.

Gift shared tree sponsorship

Just imagine, if 10 million people were to share sponsorship of 1 million trees, our goal of a million trees would be achieved. Such is the strength of a community.

When you gift your loved ones a shared tree sponsorship, they will immediately receive Shared Tree Sponsorship Certificate by email. In addition, they will receive access to our community area, including maps of the trees they are sponsoring after the trees have been planted. Knowing that you are a part of efforts to make the planet a greener safer environment is the best gift you can give your loved ones and yourself any time.

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