Give The Perfect Gift To Nature And Your Loved Ones

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Give The Perfect Gift To Nature And Your Loved Ones

Nature is rapidly changing nowadays, and these changes are challenging for the present and future generations. It’s obvious if you look around you, you will find many instances of what has become of our beautiful planet. If things continue at this rate, future generations will end up inheriting an uninhabitable planet. We decided to stop this process with a green initiative where everyone can support our planet and gift Legacy Tree. 

The best gift you can give your loved ones is this legacy of a world where the environment isn’t toxic. A world where there are more trees than we need. A beautiful, healthy world. Our planet is a blue one, due to the vast oceans. But also, our planet had a lot of green due to the huge forests and vast lands that was filled with big, beautiful, healthy trees. However, we are slowly destroying this beautiful green with our own activities. Every year, we cut down 15 billion trees! The statistics are staggering.

This is a huge cause for concern because each tree that has been cut down is an average 260 pounds less oxygen produced for the year. That is enough oxygen for two human beings to breathe for a year! That means each year by cutting down trees, we have prevented 3.9 trillion pounds of oxygen from being produced.

We all would love to leave a legacy our descendants will be proud of. And now, we can. You do not need to go to war and become a war hero. You do not need to build a vast fortune in order to leave a lasting legacy for future generations, one that they will be proud of. All you need to do is leave the legacy of a green earth. The vast wealth and war stories will stand for nothing if the future generation cannot even breathe!

The good news however is that we can change this. It’s not too late. We can reverse the changes in nature and make our planet as green as it should be. It’s not going to be easy, but, it’s highly necessary. We need to plant trees, more trees, as many as we can. There are other measures that can also be used to curb the environmental effects of human activities, but they only curb the effects, they cannot reverse it. Planting trees is the only way to reverse these effects. This is why the best legacy to leave the future generation is a green world.

How you can leave a green legacy?

If you want to leave a green legacy for your loved ones and future generations, it’s quite simple: plant trees. By planting as many trees as possible, you would be leaving the best legacy for your loved ones.

This is a simple and straightforward solution, but it can’t be done by everyone. In order to plant a tree, you need these things:

Land and Supportive Laws:

Trees need a permanent land to grow. Trees have varying lifespans, from several years to decades to as much as a millennium. That means that if you plant a tree like the Baobab tree which lives for up to 800 to 1000 years, you would have left a legacy that lasts a millennium for your loved ones and future generations. But in order to do this, you need the land to be completely safe and the trees to be protected by laws to ensure the trees aren’t cut down. For example, Prosopis tree belongs to the endangered tree species and is protected by law in Chile, so nobody can cut it down after it is planted.  


A lot of people believe planting a tree is as simple as sticking a seed into the ground and adding some water. The truth is that there is a lot of nurturing to be done in order to ensure the trees survive as seedlings. In addition, more care is needed after the tree is planted, especially in the arid areas where we are missing trees now.


with the skills to nurture your trees, you also need the time to actually nurture them. Paying close attention to your trees will ensure that nothing goes wrong during their delicate stage.

Because of the different places we live in and our different lifestyles, most people do not have some or all of the requirements to plant trees. How then would you leave a green legacy without land, skills and time?

The answer is simple; you can sponsor a Legacy Tree. When you sponsor a Legacy Tree and gift it to your loved ones, we will do the planting and the nurturing until your tree is finally ready to be planted at one of the Legacy Tree planting sites. Our mission is to plant millions of trees worldwide.   

In 10-15 years from now, there will be forests all around the globe grown by Legacy Tree team. Hence gifting a tree sponsorship to your loved ones is actually gifting them a forest.

A Legacy Tree is the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season. Beyond the holidays, Legacy trees are the perfect gift for any and all occasions, be it birthdays, anniversary or whatever the occasion.

How it works:

First, you sponsor a Legacy Tree, then you print out or download the Legacy Tree gift certificate which you can then give or send to your loved ones. Your loved ones will also gain access to our community areas and will be able to view maps of where their tree was planted a year after you gift it to them. For instance, if you decide to gift Legacy Tree to your child for each birthday since the day he/she was born, by the time he/she reaches adulthood, he/she would have a forest as a personal tree legacy.

This is one of the best ways to show your loved ones just how much you care about them, how much you respect them, and how much you cherish them. Your loved ones will know that you care about them, and their future, and this legacy will last for generations.

The future generation will be proud of you because thanks to you, they will live in a cleaner, greener world.

You can sponsor as many trees as you want, and gift them to as many loved ones as you have. You can even sponsor a tree for your family or group of friends. When it comes to making the planet greener, there is no such thing as too many trees.

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