The miracle of life and why we need to celebrate it

miracle of life Newborn Prosperity Tree

The miracle of life and why we need to celebrate it

If you think about it, life is pretty miraculous. Life starts from really tiny beginnings. From microscopic gametes to an embryo to a new born baby. The miracle of life is so amazing that if you look at it from a forest perspective, a huge forest started from seeds that could fit in the palm of your hand. These seeds grow to become huge trees towering above us providing the oxygen that we breathe and beautifying our environment.

Even you and I share in this miracle. We were once so tiny that we couldn’t even be seen without a microscope as a developing embryo in the womb. We could barely fit on the tip of a needle and slowly life expanded and grew until become what we are today.

The miracle of life is all around us

The miracle of life is all around us: from the microenvironment to the world we see around us, it all works in a synergy as a perfect system of energy moving from one form to the other. The plants clean up the air and provide oxygen. They use the carbon that they clean-up from the air to grow while giving us the oxygen that we need to breathe and live. While we breathe and give them more carbon to clean-up, trees grow and give us more oxygen. It’s a delicate balance that should not be tipped in any direction.

When you see a huge tree, remember it was once a seed probably not even as big as an M&M. When you nurture life, growth occurs. The seeds that germinated into seedlings probably a couple of centimetres high slowly and gradually become towering trees that make up a huge lush green forest.

One of the greatest pleasures in life is watching as your child grows from strength to strength happy and healthy, living in a beautiful world. You take pride in their little successes, you share in their joy and support them on the path of life discovery. Soon enough that baby you held in your arms grows up to become a full adult.

Connect children to nature and abundance with Newborn Prosperity Tree

As children grow, we as parents are part of the development process, nurturing them, guiding and protecting them along the way.

While we want to leave a legacy of a green clean planet for our children and future generation, we must understand that our children also need to realise the importance of a green planet so that they do not make the same mistakes that we did.  When your child has a legacy tree growing up parallel as they grow up, they tend to grow up with a sense of deep understanding and appreciation of nature.

Gift a Newborn prosperity treeImagine a tree that was planted on the day you were born or very close to it – a Newborn Prosperity Tree. There is this deep connection you’re going to have to it, towards protecting the tree and nurturing it, and from that connection another one will be developed towards nature as a whole. This is the gift you will be giving your child: a deep sense of appreciation of the miracle of life and why it should be protected. Just as children are precious and the future, the seeds and plants are also precious and will help us to ensure a better future for our loved ones.

A Newborn Prosperity Tree has a child’s name on it and is visible on Google Maps from the Legacy Tree membership area once planted in one of the Legacy Tree planting sites. The child or his parents get a beautiful tree certificate that will remind them every day of their child’s tree legacy on the planet. 

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