Celebrating Women’s Greatness With A Legacy Tree

Women's Day Tree

Celebrating Women’s Greatness With A Legacy Tree

International Women’s Day is just around the corner, and I would like to celebrate all women on the planet and in the Legacy Tree Community! Please note that this blog article is not dedicated to any feminist movement. It’s intention is to simply appreciate women for their best qualities that help humanity grow and evolve: patience, open communication and love to name a few.   

Often we forget about how much responsibility and additional work lies on women’s shoulders. Even though caring partners help women by sharing some of the household chores and child care, women are naturally taking over most of the things. The whole amount of work is visible only when a woman is away from home. So today I would like to celebrate women’s care for the family and the world!

Women intuitively help the people around them and create a great atmosphere with a smile and a kind word. They strive towards balance just like nature. Women juggle multiple roles like a skilled magician juggles the balls. A caring mother, a loving wife, a successful professional, a great friend, a peacemaker in every situation, a super star household lady – these are just a few of the roles almost every woman on the planet is juggling on a daily basis.

Let us celebrate the most important women in our lives! And if you are a woman, I encourage you to celebrate your own greatness!

Appreciating Women


Women's Day Sample Card 2020To give our most important women a feeling of appreciation and love, we created a Women’s Day Special: you can gift a Legacy Tree to your very special woman. It will be planted from the seed on the shores of Loch Eriboll in Scotland in March. In addition, you can download a digital post card showing how this tree will look like in a year from now. Legacy Tree can be gifted to any woman – be it your friend, mother, daughter, aunt, granny, colleague or wife. By planting a tree we can honor both women and nature. It’s great to feel appreciation and be connected!


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