How Feeling Connected To People & Nature Increases Your Well-Being

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How Feeling Connected To People & Nature Increases Your Well-Being

Let me ask you a question: what for do we live on this beautiful planet? No matter whether you have already found your purpose in life or are still looking for it, the obvious answer is that there is much more about life than we were thinking a few years ago. Life is about love, creation and connection to people and nature. It’s not about working hard and fighting your way through it. In case you feel it is, this is the best read for you to change things today.

We are so much caught by the daily routine, challenges and work that often we forget about the true sense of life. Do me a favor right now and take a 5-minute break from everything you have been doing before you stumbled upon this blog article. We are going to break this circle and experience life from a different perspective.

Here is the exercise:

First of all, close your eyes and take 6-10 deep rhythmic breaths. It will help you to shake off the stress and hustle.

Secondly, imagine that you have already got everything what you could dream of: financial freedom, loving family, nice house and lots of free time, etc. It’s an imagination exercise, not the exercise to analyze and think that it’s impossible! Just use your imagination. Don’t analyze. Nobody can get into your head and criticize you for imagining things – you are free to imagine whatever you wish! Let it flow.  

Finally, after you imagine yourself being financially free, secure and happy, what things would you do more often? What kind of person would you be with other people and nature around you?

I bet you were surprised with the outcome of the exercise! It helped you become more aware of the things we rarely notice due to daily routines. Most likely you thought about relationships with people and love as well as creating something – be it a garden, a delicious dish, a painting, a book, a toy for your kids or a meetup with friends – it can be absolutely anything.

Feeling connected

Indeed, life is about love, creation and connection to people and nature. We feel happier and in balance when we care for being connected. It is so easy to connect by just smiling at someone, or simply hugging a tree! There are so many ways to show your love to the people and nature around you. Do it on a daily basis to feel great and enjoy a balanced life. Feeling connected contributes to your well-being. We are here to be, to love and to connect.

The Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and is the perfect chance to connect. It’s not about giving a fancy present – it’s about showing your love and attention. There are tons of little things that will make your loved ones smile and feel happy. That’s why we’ve created Valentine’s Trees that you can gift to your loved ones and thus connect to people and nature. Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day!


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