Make Our Planet Greener And Cleaner Even In Lockdown: #LegacyTreeChallenge

make our planet greener and cleaner

Make Our Planet Greener And Cleaner Even In Lockdown: #LegacyTreeChallenge

In the first half of 2020 the whole humanity faced challenging times connected with coronavirus and worldwide lockdowns. Although the global population continues to fight the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the planet has been doing as usual … in fact, she has been recovering. The global slowdown in human activities has had many positive effects on the environment, including the reduction of air pollution due to the reduction of carbon-intensive aircraft in the sky and the reduction of fuel-fueled vehicles on the road.

While forced to stay indoors, many of us have become aware of the charm of the outdoors. We’ve been missing usual walks in the park and trips to the forest. We started to value fresh air, trees and nature overall more than we have ever valued it before. In fact, many brilliant ideas evolved as to how we can make our planet greener and cleaner. People are in the process of reconsidering their values, in particular how closely connected we are, and how important nature is.

Around the Earth Day 2020 many people were reframing the situation and focusing on the benefits of the quarantine…for the planet! There were numerous post shares that by staying at home during the coronavirus we help our planet to heal. Indeed, a lot of people are using this time to change their habits, act with more integrity and compassion. Even simple basics like reorganizing your living space in a smart, green way might positively contribute to overall environment. It may now be your best chance to clean up your home or tidy up the garage. However, don’t throw things away, but refill, reuse, and recycle them. By living in a sustainable way you can make our planet greener and cleaner. 

Plant Trees Even In Lockdown: Join #LegacyTreeChallenge!

To make our planet greener and the air cleaner, we came up with #LegacyTreeChallenge. You can participate from all around the globe 🌏. We can grow millions of trees even in lockdown! It’s easy and fulfilling.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Take 3-5 seeds of any native tree you wish to cultivate and plant them in the pot on your balcony, terrace or in the garden, even in your apartment if you don’t have a garden. It could be an apple seed in most Europe, lemon seed in the Mediterranean climate, mango seed in Africa, etc. When planting, take a 📷 photo of the seeds in your hand before you put them in the soil.

2. Post this photo with hashtag #LegacyTreeChallenge and a short description of what kind of tree you are planting on the Legacy Tree Facebook Page under the official #LegacyTreeChallenge post.

3. Tag 3 or more close people who you would like to participate in the #LegacyTreeChallenge

4. Share #LegacyTreeChallenge with your friends.

5. When the seed grows into a baby tree of 3cm-5cm tall, take another photo and post it in the comments under the first photo. Write how long it took the seed to grow and put a hashtag #LegacyTreeChallenge

6. Keep us posted on the growth of your tree! Take a picture at least once a month and post it in the comments section below the second picture.

7. When the tree grows big enough and we are out of lockdown, feel free to plant it in the garden.


You can collaborate with friends and neighbors and local parks and forestry: agree on the kind of tree all of you will be growing from the seed and arrange a planting space in the future. Thus in about a year from now millions of trees can be planted! Every single seed you plant counts.

Planting tips:

👉Decide on a tree species, preferably a native one
👉Learn how to grow a tree from the seed using Youtube and Google
👉Use organic soil
👉Plant several seeds as not all of them might germinate
👉Don’t expect to reap the same big fruit as you used to extract the seeds – most of fruit trees need extra cultivation. The point is just to grow a tree!

There are no excuses not to plant a tree from the seed!

👉No garden? Plant it in the pot! Next year you can gift it to the local forestry, park or your neighbor!
👉No pot? Make a pot from a plastic bottle and don’t forget to make the holes at the bottom!
👉No planting experience? Google “how to plant a lemon tree” etc! Watch the videos and simply plant it!

Let’s plant millions of trees worldwide while in lockdown to make our planet greener and cleaner!

Think Green: Use Reusable Cotton Face Masks!

Last but not least, we would like to draw your attention to the sad fact that even despite the shortage of disposable face masks, thousands of them were found dumped, polluting the land and ocean. This behavior doesn’t really help us to make our planet greener and cleaner…Why don’t we use reusable cotton face masks instead?

reusable cotton face masks

In many parts of the world it’s compulsory to carry a face mask in public places during the pandemic. For example, in Germany you can’t enter a store to buy food or use public transport without a face mask. Taking into account the fact that a simple disposable face mask can be used only 4-6 hours and contains synthetic substances, we need to get creative and find a better solution.

To support nature, why not sew a cotton mask that can be reused many times? For example, school kids were sewing cotton masks in Munich during Easter holidays to support elderly people and the hospitals that had a limited supply of masks.

If you can’t sew a cotton face mask, you can simply buy one. It’s a little investment you need to make for the sake of the environment and future generations. By the way, it’s worth buying one or two reusable cotton face masks that will serve you for months than to use a one way mask every day. Let’s always keep in mind how we can make our planet greener and cleaner!

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